knitting socks

Aeolian is finished, blocked and all. And I it really is huge! I love it and I even love the beads in it! I’ll post photos of the finished piece as soon as I have pretty ones 🙂

About the current project: I never made socks. It never made sense to sit for hours and hours knitting a boring sock. The worst thing is: when you are happy and done you have to knit another one. A week ago I decided to explore the joys of knitting socks anyway and here I am, no ordinary boring socks, no, fancy Hedera. I might lose some sanity in the process but every knitter takes risks. Here is a work in progress picture of my first sock ever:


As I’m a needle-snob I own a couple of knit pro dpns. The stitch marker is not so fancy, I didn’t carry one with me when I started the project.


You know you knit too much when …

“you cite the fact that knitting burns about 90 calories an hour, not allowing extra for style, conviction, and retrieving your ball of yarn from under the couch.”

A book was written, so true that it should be the bible of every knitter all around the world. “At Knit’s End – Meditations for women who knit to much” (ISBN: 1-58017-589-9). I found myself waiting for the tube today, laughing like a manic, people turning their heads, reading the title of the book, shaking their heads and looking irritated.

It made me think about being a knitter and how the fact that I spend my evenings cursing over a spiderweb of lace-yarn appears to other people. Sometimes,  when I tell people that I’m a knitter, they just laugh. Others don’t believe it. And very very few are amazed. Not only once have I heard giggling girls when I was knitting at the University. Or the train. Or in the city, waiting for a friend. I don’t want to say that knitters are normal people – they are certainly not – but I think we are cool 🙂 And hey, we burn calories! While watching TV! Or while sitting on a bench in the park! Isn’t that great?

Btw it was world-wide knit in public day on saturday. I missed it.

the Aeolian shawl

Okay, before you (two) kill me, here’s an update of my current project: the Aeolian shawl

I did 14 repeats of the yucca chart and none of the agave chart (unfortunately I don’t have enough yarn, though I love this pattern). There’s only the main edge chart to go, then I’m done. Hopefully I have enough yarn (I doubt that very much!). We’ll see. So, here are some work in progress pictures:


See, I’m using a lifeline! I don’t plan to frog it anyway (I’m far too lazy to reknit it), but I just wanted to be sure, that if I f* it up completely, I would be able to go back.

Aeolian 2

the yucca-repeats. No beads next time, looks so cheesy and takes forever to knit!

Aeolian 3

the sad remains of my yarn. The yarn is great btw, it’s merino lace and a real pleasure to work with. The needles are my limited edition gold platted knit picks </show off>

Well, I hope everyone’s happy now 🙂 I’m posting pictures of the finished piece after blocking. I hope it’s going to be huuuuuuge!! Any tips on how to block such a monster? I was thinking about the bed, but have not yet asked if my sweetheart wants to have needles in his bed … why do I have the strong feeling that he will not like this idea? 🙂

the pink swallowtail (of doom)

okay, I was a bit lazy with my blogging I admit. But hey, here it is, my finished lace shawl:

swallowtail shawl

and more photos (I really suck when it comes to taking pictures, sorry)

swallowtail1 swallowtail2 swallowtail3 swallowtail4

the pattern for this one can be found here

so, my first posted project, more to come, I promise (and it’ll not take a month again, really!)

the pink yarn of doom

I bought yarn. Again. And the thing is: it’s partially pink. Although I like it a lot I don’t think I’ll ever wear the shawl I’m currently knitting. So, to help me out: I’m knitting it, wearing it once and give it to a friend then, one who wears pink and whom I can already hear squeaking ‘Oh it’s pink!! Cuuute!!’



So, short first blog-entry. More to come, hopefully more interesting 🙂

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