another year over

The obligatory Christmas sickness hit me late this year so I’ll spend new years eve at home with my sweetheart, which is great, I love cosy evenings at home.

2009 was not the most exciting year ever but some things did change:
– my address, I officially live with my boyfriend since February 14 (yes I know, cheesy date, was not intended)
– my job, since September I’m a scientific staff member of the university of Vienna and get real money for a real job!

this is my list on what I plan to do in 2010:
– finish socks for mum
– make a hat for sweetheart
– make another hat for myself
– finish the Hanami stole grmpf
– make more lace
– make more socks
– buy less yarn (hahahaha)
– finish my thesis
– get better
– sleep more
– eat healthier
– go to KnitNation 2010

Sounds like a good plan right? Should all be manageable in a year. So I wish you all a happy new year, may 2010 be just as great as 2009 – I’d like that 🙂 I’ll be back with news and pictures of my newest projects next year aka next week.


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  1. tryphina Said:

    eva, 31. dezember 2009 als letzer eintrag ist NICHT LUSTIG! ich brauch was zum lesen.

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