to dye or not to dye …

During my recent sock obsession I found out that getting pretty yarn is kind of impossible. I adore semi-sold yarns with light changes of the tone. Multicolored yarns look great as skeins, but as soon as you turn them into a knitted garment the magic flees screaming.
So I found myself looking through dozens of yarn shops, clicking through 200 hand dyed yarns and nothing, really nothing caught my eye. No, that’s not true. Some colors are really great but I don’t want to pay 30 ā‚¬ for a skein of yarn! (Okay, I confess, I ordered some …)
After some research I found out that dyeing would be the perfect solution. So I bought myself a book on dyeing wool and as soon as my sock yarn stash is gone (or maybe a lot sooner) I’ll try out dyeing.

Sorry, no pictures today, although I have some projects in the making. Next time, next time šŸ™‚



  1. tryphina Said:

    i have a book about dyeing with natural colours, if you like you can have it next wednesday.

    • uinda Said:

      oh yes please!!

  2. tryphina Said:

    and i still don’t understand your obsession with socks šŸ˜€

    • uinda Said:

      neither do I šŸ™‚ but they keep me entertained in a weird, sanity consuming way.

      • tryphina Said:

        yes, i was worried it’d be something like that.

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