You know you knit too much when …

“you cite the fact that knitting burns about 90 calories an hour, not allowing extra for style, conviction, and retrieving your ball of yarn from under the couch.”

A book was written, so true that it should be the bible of every knitter all around the world. “At Knit’s End – Meditations for women who knit to much” (ISBN: 1-58017-589-9). I found myself waiting for the tube today, laughing like a manic, people turning their heads, reading the title of the book, shaking their heads and looking irritated.

It made me think about being a knitter and how the fact that I spend my evenings cursing over a spiderweb of lace-yarn appears to other people. Sometimes,Ā  when I tell people that I’m a knitter, they just laugh. Others don’t believe it. And very very few are amazed. Not only once have I heard giggling girls when I was knitting at the University. Or the train. Or in the city, waiting for a friend. I don’t want to say that knitters are normal people – they are certainly not – but I think we are cool šŸ™‚ And hey, we burn calories! While watching TV! Or while sitting on a bench in the park! Isn’t that great?

Btw it was world-wide knit in public day on saturday. I missed it.

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  1. tryphina Said:

    aaahhh, i missed it too. and yes, i agree, we are not normal šŸ™‚

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