the pink yarn of doom

I bought yarn. Again. And the thing is: it’s partially pink. Although I like it a lot I don’t think I’ll ever wear the shawl I’m currently knitting. So, to help me out: I’m knitting it, wearing it once and give it to a friend then, one who wears pink and whom I can already hear squeaking ‘Oh it’s pink!! Cuuute!!’



So, short first blog-entry. More to come, hopefully more interesting 🙂


  1. You know how my relationship with purple is – we’re close, we’re like this *croses fingers* but this pink is actually rather nice. I am quite curious how the shawl will look like, so make sure to take pics and post them here.

  2. tryphina Said:

    the colour is … peculiar. but it will go very well with black 😀
    seriously, the dark parts look great.

  3. tryphina Said:

    evaaaaa! you are not allowed to deny the world your creations of lace and cuteness (especially since i saw them today). write … new … blog entry … now!

    • uinda Said:

      you’re right, I’m sorry 🙂 but I was good and posted the shawl

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